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Analysis Of Feed Structure Of Single Drum Cooler

The single cartridge cooling machine with 3.8m/4.2m x 42m is a newly developed large single cartridge cooling machine. The development and overall design of this machine have been successful, and it can meet the supporting requirements of 3.3m * 50m pre-decomposition kiln. However, from the perspective of use, there are still some problems, such as the design of the internal material lifting device, the heat insulation protection measures of the cylinder body in the high-temperature hopper area and the sealing design of the feeding end. The first two aspects have achieved good results through the cooperative transformation of factories. As for the feed end seal, there are many problems and difficulties in the field transformation. Through several years of observation and summary, combined with its design features, some experience is available for reference by colleagues so as to better solve the problem of leakage.

Introduction to the structure of feed seal

The feed seal structure can be divided into four parts:

(1) Radial graphite block seal is adopted outside the simplified body. The graphite block relies on the circumferential steel rope and the weight at one end of the steel rope suspension to generate radial tension force, and the automatic fastening plays a sealing role on the outer circle of the simplified body.

(2) Ten lifting bins are uniformly distributed on the end face of the simplified body, the design value of the gap between the end face of the lifting box and the end face of the cone is 100 mm., and the hot state is 23 mm. When working normally, when the lifting material moves away from the sloping slope, most of the lifting material falls into the lifting box. After being lifted to a certain height, the lifting box is pulled down into the cutting support plate under gravity and enters the simplified body.

(3) After castings are applied to the feed tray and the feed cone, a feed slope 35 "in the vertical direction will be formed, and the material will be smoothly imported into the single cartridge cooling machine.

(4) When working normally, there is always a gap between the material box and the end face of the cutting cone, so there is a small amount of material coming out from the gap. In order to prevent the pile from packing in the sealing cover, a gravity locking conical valve and a discharge mouth are set in the F part to ensure that the most leaky material is discharged and the air lock is played.

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