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Analysis on the Leakage and Seal Modification of Feed End of Single Cartridge Cooling Machine

Leakage analysis, in the early stage of use, the material leakage caused much trouble to the on-site cleaning. At the same time, even if the lower part of the discharge is smooth, there are still some lifting materials entering between the graphite block and the cylinder body or its guide groove, which will block the stone plastic block and crush it, causing the sealing failure, it not only leakage, but also caused air leakage (from this perspective, stone plastic blocks can only play the role of wind lock, but not the role of sealing granular materials). The air leakage here is very unfavorable to improve the cooling effect of the single cartridge and the primary air temperature of the AQC. After several local modifications, the leakage has been reduced, but the problem has not been solved fundamentally. The main reason is the poor material return capacity of the material box. If the natural accumulation angle of clinker is 30 "and neglects the influence of the circular motion of the lifting material, the material of the material box can be calculated through the calculation of the relevant structural size. When the A point is raised to a 30 angle in the horizontal direction, it begins to fall, it falls to the A point of the horizontal centerline: the maximum effective radius of the cutting pallet is 1320mm< 1645mm, that is, the material is still scattered outside the cutting pallet. Even considering the influence of the 3r/min speed of the single cartridge machine, some materials are still scattered outside the feed tray. It can be seen that the hopper can not fully play the role of recharging.

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