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Common Problems And Solutions For Rotary Seal

Rotary seal is widely used in rotating liquid supply system. Its sealing forms include radial seal and end seal. In terms of end seal, there are balance, partial balance and non-balance types. These seals are widely used in medium and low-pressure working environment, and there are many problems when used under high-pressure conditions. 

1. It is not easy to rotate at high speed, for example, when used for high-speed rotation, seal parts wear rapidly, resulting in seal failure.
2. It is often used in medium and low-pressure state, not easy to run under high-pressure. Because such seals depend on deformation, and the sealing materials are mostly rubber, nylon, graphite and so on. Under high pressure, the sealing material has the characteristics of serious compression deformation, rapid wear and short life.
3. The sealing clearance is not easy to adjust. Under the condition of high speed and high pressure, the heat capacity of the sealing face is large, and it is not easy to diffuse.

Combined with the above problems, the researchers have developed a new high-pressure rotary seal that is suitable for the condition of high speed and high pressure on the basis of the analysis and study and the reference of the existed technology. The seal structure is simple, the performance is stable and the life is long, and the automatic compensation of the seal clearance can be realized.

The new high-pressure rotary seal belongs to the mechanical seal. The main components are the shell, the seal, the 0 shape seal, the rotating shaft, the bearing, the shaft sleeve and the compression spring. The rotating shaft is hollow, which can be rotating at high speed under the support of a pair of bearings. The end of the rotating shaft is a seal, where evenly spread 3 ring balancing pressure grooves. The sealing body cannot only rotate, and can only move axially under the action of the tightening spring, so it will automatically compensate the sealing gap due to the wear of the seal face. The 0 shape seal only take effect on the static seal.

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