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Common Problems And Solutions Of Seal Face

In the process of the operation of the equipment, the sealing surface is easily affected by environment. It is like a spring, if it is used too long, it will appear fracture, corrosion, relaxation and other conditions. The sealing ring of internal parts of mechanical seal can also be distorted and deformed, and the operation of mechanical seal is easy to leak. The inside of the mechanical seal is very easy to be hot, and the cause of the hot is the frequent leakage caused by the seal face. The second is the leakage caused by the auxiliary sealing ring, and the other is the leakage caused by the spring problem. In addition, the transmission, fastening, parts quality problems will also cause the leakage of mechanical seals, and the common problem is the sealing ring. Due to the careless installation of mechanical seals, it will cause leakage of mechanical seals. Deformation, damage, and pollution are the causes of leakage, and the lid is not pressed, the machine equipment is not accurate enough, and the sealing surface is not fully attached, which will cause leakage. The mechanical seal has a larger vibration in the whole operation process. In mechanical seals, seal failure is easily caused by vibration. There are many reasons for the larger vibration, which is related to the nature of the seal itself, and also to the internal components of the mechanical seal. The internal parts of mechanical seals are scattered and the pressure difference is the root cause of vibration. Unreasonable design is also one of the reasons.

The leakage of mechanical seals is caused by many problems, so when the leakage is found, the specific problems should be analyzed in detail, and the leakage is minimized to a certain extent. In the installation of mechanical seal equipment, we must strictly follow the rules and regulations to operate and configure. In the process of coal mine engineering construction, it is necessary to prevent leakage of some vulnerable spots. Ensure the Cleanliness in the process of mechanical seal assembly, the face of mechanical seal should be cleaned by using a good softness gauze with high cleanliness. The problem of parts and components should be repaired in time. In the process of assembly, special attention should be paid to the seal ring. It can not be soaked with gasoline and kerosene so as to avoid the phenomenon of expansion and prevent premature aging. The parts of mechanical seals should be flexible after installation.

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