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Maintenance Tips of Centrifugal Pump Mechanical Seal

Clear management points and develop practical measures

In equipment management, we must adhere to the principle of improving the equipment operation rate, strengthen the maintenance of equipment as the main line, and take the overall management level as the goal, follow the “learning, adjustment, summarization and promotion” management ideas, and carry out equipment rating and standardization activities in all directions.

1. Strengthen the foundation, establish standards, establish mechanisms

Equipment maintenance of Centrifugal Pump Mechanical Seal must be started from the foundation. The first is to quantify equipment maintenance indicators. The second is to establish working standards and assessment mechanisms, increase assessment efforts, and improve implementation. In equipment management, maintenance is just a concept. How to quantify it is also reflected in the “running rate, output rate, leak rate, and defect rate” in equipment management. Establish a three-level assessment system for workshops, teams and individuals. The maintenance of equipment is regarded as the key point in equipment management and linked to employees' wages, so that equipment maintenance really has rules to follow, and a standardized and institutionalized management system is formed with the goal of management, standard work and standard assessment.

2. Routine management, regular maintenance

On the basis of the establishment of a scientific equipment management system, the contents and standards for maintenance must be effectively refined, so that the maintenance work can be carried out in a quality, quantity, and effective manner, and the maintenance of the equipment can be regularized.
(1) According to the existing chartered responsibility system, according to the personnel situation, the equipment chartered by the aircraft should be rationally allocated to clarify the "machine, electricity, instrument, process" personnel charter duties, so that "everything is oversight, there are people ask"".
(2) Do a good job of equipment lubrication management. Lubrication is an important means of maintaining the equipment. Therefore, lubricating management should be detailed in terms of responsibilities, setting up lubricating standards and improving relevant assessment systems.
(3) Strictly implement the shift system and consolidate the work maintenance standards. It is necessary to firmly establish the sense that craftsmen are the first responsible person for the operation of equipment, and to strengthen the management of the content of the handover classes. For example, when handing in a shift, when clearing the production and working conditions, it is also necessary to clarify the equipment operation status and equipment hidden troubles, preventive measures, and handling conditions. The successor should also conduct a detailed understanding and judgment of the operation status of the equipment during the pre-check of the position.
(4) Strengthen the sense of ownership, improve the overall quality, and provide safeguards for maintenance. In equipment management, people are the most critical factor. Only by exerting people's subjective initiative can we ensure that equipment maintenance work can be carried out effectively. In addition, employees’ ideological and technical qualities should always be regarded as important tasks. Only by achieving the unity of the two can we fully utilize the subjective and actionable functions of employees in equipment management.
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