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Modification of Head Cylinder Body and Sealing System of Single Cartridge Cool Machine

Based on the experiment about two powder kilns of 3.2m * 2m 52m, whose output is 600 tons /d. It uses two single-cartridge coolers with 3.2m x 36m for clinker cooling. The head of the cooling machine was originally graphite sealed.

The results showed that the mechanical sealing effect was not satisfactory, and the graphite block slide slot could not slide flexibly due to thermal deformation and ash dust accumulation. The graphite block can not be well combined with the simplified body, and the head swing of the simplified body is large, which causes the local wear and damage of the graphite block, increasing the flow rate of the cooling machine and the discharge of the material ash, causing environmental pollution. Almost every month, the branch factory will send special personnel to repair and replace the graphite blocks, which increases the consumption and inspection fee of the graphite blocks. At the same time, it was found that local deformation and cracks occurred on the flange of the head of the cooler cylinder, which caused the hidden trouble of the equipment and affected the comprehensive operation rate of the rotary kiln.

Due to the cracking and deformation of the end flange and cone part of the simplified end face, the end face of the cone of the flange is cut off 200m, the flange 5 is welded and the reinforced plate is fixed. To facilitate installation, the guard plate and the hopper are separately made, each with 30 pieces. Therefore, a guard plate 4 (material :ZG3Cr25N19512) is installed in the simplified body.

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