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Several Points On Mechanical Seals

Study on end face frictional characteristics and leakage characteristics could guide and push forward the future research of this issue. The following three points should be kept in mind for the further and better research.

First, strengthen the comprehensive study of contact mechanical seal. For now, researches on the mechanical seal still lack a comprehensive consideration and there is a lack of awareness to the fact that the seal face elastic-plastic deformation caused by the axial force will leading to changes of the end face contact degree, moreover and that the spring load decline after message loop damage remains under-investigated, so these two aspects need to be strengthened.

Second, improve the seal interface leakage channel model. The two surfaces that constitute seal interface all have micro-bulge and gap, having features of randomness and irregularity. It is not accurate to use simplified geometric model to describe the channel between the sealing interface after contact. It should also be researched from a systemic perspective.

Third, use a suitable model to describe the flow pattern of the fluid between the sealing intersections. At present, relevant researches on flow influencing factors have been carried out, and a modified model based on Navior-Stokers equation is established. However, the fluid leakage channel between the sealing ends is not the same as assumed, but the flow characteristics of the fluid are disordered and randomly distributed due to the micro-bulge of the sealing surface. This result may lead to errors in the calculation of fluid leakage, so it is important to apply the appropriate model to the flow pattern of the fluid in the sealing interface.
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