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Technical Requirements for End Mechanical Seal

With characteristics of good sealing performance, reliable function, small leakage, long service life and low power consumption, end mechanical seal has been widely used in the domestic and foreign rotating equipment of chemical production and has become the key component of pump, compressor, reaction kettle, agitator, rotary tower, centrifuge and filter machine.

With further concernation on environmental protection, mechanical seal leakage is increasingly strict. Ttribologists and lubrication engineers in the United States developed prescriptive guidance for the escape of part of the volatile matters and requiring mechanical seal transit from zero leakage to zero escape. At the same time, prolong the equipment maintenance cycle so as to prolong the repair cycle, the working life of mechanical seals in many industries in China has been extended from one year to two years, and overseas countries have been raised from two years to three years. Therefore, it is imperative to develop new theory and new technology of mechanical seal, and to develop new mechanical seal products that are of high-parametric and high-performance that can meet customer requirements.

The traditional mechanical seal end faces are two parallel smooth surfaces. Surface modification technique is to improve the lubrication conditions between the end face by open all kinds of slots on the seal face, so as to realize the long service life of mechanical seal. This is high-tech in today’s field of mechanical seal. The depth can be divided into deep groove and shallow groove. Although they are both hydrodynamic mechanical seals, they are quite different from the aspects such as end structure, working principle, processing method and application conditions.

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