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The Application Of Sealing Technology In Petrochemical Industry.

Mechanical seal technology is commonly used in petrochemical industry pumping equipment. Mechanical seal equipment has high requirements for its design, manufacture, installation and operating environment, and its components have a high failure rate. Therefore, research on the application of new mechanical seal technologies and new materials is the requirement and direction for the development of the petrochemical industry.

For chemical products, most of them are flammable, explosive, toxic, and so on. If these chemical products are accidentally leaked, they will not only bring huge economic losses and serious environmental pollution but also more serious threats. What's worse, they will threaten human life. Due to the above characteristics of the chemical industry, chemical mechanical equipment must have strong sealing and corrosion resistance to ensure that the mechanical equipment has a longer service life. At the same time, in order to meet the complex working environment and strict field requirements in the application of mechanical seal technology, multi-combination, multi-structured and multi-material mechanical seal components have been widely promoted and applied. Various new concepts, new standards and new technologies have also been developed in succession, and they have shown good application prospects in the petrochemical industry. Mechanical seals are usually used to seal the body and rotating shaft.

In addition, mechanical seals also play a key protective role in ensuring the normal operations of the centrifuge, mixer, reaction, pump, filter, compressor, gear box, rotary joint, valves and other major devices. At present, with the continuous improvement of product production level and widely concerned about environmental protection, energy conservation issues. The mechanical seal standards are also more strict. Therefore, researching on the development and application of new technologies and materials for mechanical seals is the primary task in the development of the petrochemical industry.

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