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The Application Range of Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seals are widely used, including the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, the food industry, the pulp and paper industry, the marine industry, the water and wastewater treatment industry, the petrochemical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

In industrial application, China-Sealcon mechanical seal is an ideal choice for various applications in this industry. Some of these mechanical seals are used in well drainage pumps, there are other seals designed for water pumps, sewage treatment pumps and self-priming centrifugal pumps. In addition, the industrial mechanical seal of China-Sealcon is an ideal choice for high temperature and high pressure liquid, concentrated liquid and viscous liquid pump application. All of these industrial sealing systems guarantee maximum leakage resistance and reduce fluid loss to zero, thanks to our in-depth study of this type of application. In order to obtain high quality mechanical seals, we use various materials to produce the products needed for industrial production, so as to achieve the maximum success. The main features of our sealing system are composite materials such as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, alumina, fluororubber, perfluoroether rubber and polyfluorinated ethylene propylene, they can ensure the long life and good reliability of mechanical seals for industrial use.

The materials for mechanical seal fasteners in industrial area

Silicon carbide,
Tungsten carbide,
• Elastic fluorine rubber
• Perfluoroether rubber
• Polyfluorinated ethylene Propylene

The characteristics of industrial mechanical seal fasteners

Long life
• Reliability excellence

The applications of industrial mechanical seal fasteners

• Well pump
• Waste water treatment
Centrifugal pump,
Self-priming pump
• Concentrated liquid pumps
• Viscous liquid pump
• High temperature fluid pump
• High pressure liquid pump

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