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The Basic Principle And Advantages Of Mechanical Face Seal

Mechanical seal is also known as end face seal. Mechanical seal belongs to packless seal. It can be fixed on the shaft and pump, and there are two sections to ensure close proximity to the sealing position. In the whole mechanical seal device, the pressure axis will discharge water on one side, and on the other hand, it will enter into the static and dynamic ring to keep the flow and ensure that the static and dynamic ring is not in contact. The main function of mechanical seal technology is to prevent leakage of machinery and equipment in the course of operation, it will easily change the location of the leak and change it into a leaky axial sealing technology and is also widely used in pumps, decelerator and so on. The interior of the mechanical seal is made up of many parts, the moving ring is relative to the pump shaft, the stationary ring and the moving ring should form a sealing surface so that the leakage can be prevented. The mechanical seal technology should be combined with the internal components in the process of practical application, and the normal operation state of mechanical seal has a great relationship with its parts. However, in the process of operation, it is necessary to ensure the performance of the auto parts and ensure the effectiveness of mechanical seal technology.

The characteristics of face seal technology: firstly, it has the good sealing property. Compared with other sealing technology, mechanical seal technology is the best choice. The mechanical seal has certain shock resistance, and the sealing is generally developed by the bellows suitable for full compensation mechanical seal. Therefore mechanical seals need better earthquake-resistant so that mechanical seal techniques can be used in poor conditions. Finally, mechanical seal is required to have high performance. Mechanical seal technology has a wide range of applications, so it is necessary to continuously improve the internal seal in the selection of form and material to ensure that the sealing technology is applicable to all kinds of situations. Such as high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosion and so on, in case of bad conditions, mechanical seal is affected, and it can not work normally in the case of complex structure. In the case of complex assembly, it can not operate normally, and emergency measures can not be taken.
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