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The Influence of Automobile Sealing Strip on Automobile Environment

1.The function of automobile sealing strip 
The car seal strips mainly play the role of sealing, shock absorption, and decoration. In particular, the car seals can effectively prevent the external wind and rain, dust and other harmful substances into the car, and reduce the vibration produced by the door, window and other parts of the car, so as to keep the ride comfort and cleanness in the car. The working environment of the sealed part or device is improved and the working life is prolonged.  For a long time, car seals must have 3 functions: connectivity, sealing, and decoration. With the development of science and technology and the development of automobile industry, especially the emergence of new materials, the requirements for environmental protection, comfort, safety, energy saving and beauty of automobile are becoming higher and higher. The requirements for the 3 major functions of the automobile seal strip are constantly improving. The importance of the beauty, environmental protection, and comfort function of the automobile seal strip are becoming more and more important. This requires that the green car seal strips should be constantly improved in material selection, structure improvement, and manufacturing process selection.

2.Influence of sealing strip on automobile environment
The surface coating of the automobile seal, the rubber body, the post-treatment oil and so on are attached to the surface of the sealing compound, or the stain formed by the mixture of dust and rain. They usually appear black, which is easy to remove by car cleaning. The high active additives in the rubber system, such as some vulcanizing accelerators, softener, etc., are migrated to the paint over a period of time and are contaminated with the paint. Usually, the stain is yellow. This kind of besmirch is difficult to be removed and affects the appearance. The raw materials used in the green automobile sealing strip should not contain elements that are contaminated with the environment. The color should be in harmony with the paint color and inside and outside decoration of the car body, and have the aesthetic feeling, and should also have good paint insensitivity. During the use of the vehicle, the sealing strip will not cause pollution to the light colored paint. Green environmental seals should not give out unpleasant odors, have excellent environment and weather resistance, and their service life should be basically the same as the life of the vehicle.
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