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The Technological Innovation Trend of Automobile Sealing Strip

Faced with the challenges in the new era after China's entry into the WTO, a number of rapidly developing new enterprises have emerged in China's automobile sealing strip industry. They are confident and rely on their own efforts to catch up with the advanced international level and seek new development. In the year of 2000, the car seal industry organized an industry exchange meeting. They analyzed the stable growth trend and factors in 1999, the current situation and development trend of automobile sealing strips in 2000, and then proposed the demand forecast for related raw materials and sealing products in 2001.  China's automobile sealing strip industry will face a new economic and policy environment in the next few years. We should not only meet the severe challenges of economic integration but also comply with and abide by the objective economic laws and improve competitiveness and economic efficiency. The same as other rubber products, the direction of development in the next 5 years is to take the market demand as the direction, take the progress of science and technology as the motive force, adjust the industrial structure and product structure as the focus, improve the competitive ability and economic benefit, and try to meet the needs of the development of the automobile industry of our country. In order to integrate with the international market, the modern enterprise management system has also been adopted in the domestic automotive seals' industry. They use ISO9000, ISO 14000, QS9000, VDA6.1 and VDA6.3 (German automotive industry standard) to measure this enterprise. Now, enterprises must be recognized by authoritative bodies before they are qualified to support the international large automobile plants. The seal product also needs to adopt the similar product standard of foreign advanced countries to test the product of the enterprise. Its physical and chemical properties must be reached to the standard to supply. The car seals industry is increasingly becoming an important part of the automotive industry. In 1980, the automotive seal industry developed and innovates the function of the sealing strip. In 1990, price competition and cost reduction were carried out, and the interchangeability of parts was emphasized. In 1995, environmental considerations were taken into account to develop recyclable materials, halogen-free materials, and simplified seal strip structures. By 2000, the performance requirements of automotive seals, especially the sealant of cars, have been getting higher and higher. It not only needs excellent sealing performance but also has the function of isolation, beauty, safety and environmental protection. With the continuous development of the automobile industry in China, the technology of automobile seal must be constantly innovating. New materials, new technology, and new equipment are used to develop new seal products.