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Use and Maintenance of Mechanical Seals

(1) Before installing the mechanical seal, the shaft sleeve (shaft), seal chamber, gland and mechanical seal must be cleaned to prevent any impurities from entering the seal point.

(2) When assembling, it is forbidden to knock, not to scratch or injure the sealing surface, and to load it according to the position. Install dynamic and static rings first with oil or yellow oil on the surface (friction pair) coated with a layer of oil film, to prevent the high-speed operation after the start of the equipment caused by direct wear of the end face, play a role in the protection of friction.

(3) When installing the compensation device, it is necessary to push the hand to check the floatability first, the floating performance is poor, and the end surface fit is not ideal. The emphasis is to select the interference amount of the seal ring.

(4) Before start-up, the pump shaft must be firstly inspected to check the operating condition of the pump shaft and mechanical seal. Before starting the pump, it is necessary to open the cooling medium in the sealed chamber first (according to the pump structure, use environment, and cooling method to select different cooling mediums) to start the pump. Otherwise, the mechanical seal will not be cooled by the cooling liquid after start-up, and the friction of the friction will be quickly burnt. The friction pair will burn soon, and other parts will be damaged if it is operated for a long time.

(5) Check the operation of the pump (including the operation of the pump and the operation of the motor) frequently, and periodically add the lubricant to maintain the bearings to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical seal.

(6) When pumping special media or working under special conditions, corresponding measures (such as block, flushing, cooling, filtration, etc.) must be taken. Refer to "Mechanical Sealing Auxiliary System and Application Specifications" for specific measures.

(7) For the intermittent use and the medium containing more impurities in the pump, pay attention to washing after stopping the pump to avoid crystallization of the mechanical seal. For the medium with strong corrosion, be sure to rinse it after stopping the pump to prevent corrosion.

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