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Sealcon's mechanical seal also widely used in the field of chemistry. These fluid in chemical enterprises are generally corrosive and flammable, which will not only affect the normal operation of the machine, but also cause serious harm to the surrounding environment, people's life, and health, and even cause fire accidents and explosions. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the application of mechanical seal of the chemical pump.

"Mechanical seals that do not need to supply lubricants" are used in the chemical industry. Sealcon Mechanical Seal used in the mixer, reactor, mixing tank, crystallizer, dryer, dissolving tank, effectively prevent the reaction between the rotary shaft and the chemical substance in the tank leakage, not only improves the working efficiency of these chemical machine, and also prolongs the service life of the agitator and other chemical machine.

Chemical applications entail handling of organic or inorganic raw materials while they undergo chemical conversion or processing into finished products. So for the raw material of the mechanical seal, we usually choose the better chemical resistant, just like choose of the o-ring, normally use the EPDM, VITON, ALFAS, PTFE and so on. Some of the more common chemical processes include weighing, batching, blending, mixing (mulling), drying, burning, calcining, hydrating, sizing, screening and packaging.

Industrial mechanical sealing solutions for chemical processes may also require special options or accessories to improve the safety and reliability of the system.So Sealcon will still improve the quality and design of the mechanical seal on the basis of the existing good foundation, and try to make the products much better. We hope that in the future, the application of Sealcon’s mechanical seal will become wider in the chemical field.

At present, Sealcon has worked with a number of chemical companies at home and abroad and established a long-term cooperation mechanism. We believe that in the future, Sealcon's mechanical seal of will be used in the more and more applications in the field of chemistry, and will also establish more cooperative relations with more chemical companies.


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