China Sealcon Company
  • Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical IndustryMay 16, 2017The continuous development of new drugs and health care products has increased the capacity of the pharmaceutical industry, but also brought great competition. Pharmaceutical manufacturers through imp...view
  • Pulp and PaperPulp and PaperMay 16, 2017The mechanical seal is widely used in pulp and paper industry. The excellent sealing performance is one of the important factors in the high-efficiency operation of the pulp and paper industry and the...view
  • Marine IndustryMarine IndustryMay 16, 2017Marine research focuses on three central issues: maritime rights and interests, marine resources, the marine environment. The international struggle for the exploitation and possession of deep-sea res...view
  • Water TreatmentWater TreatmentMay 16, 2017Harnessing the power that nature uses to cleanse the rivers and streams – air, microbes, gravity, light – the wastewater industry has revolutionized sanitation and brought health to their communitie...view
  • Petrochemical IndustryPetrochemical IndustryMay 16, 2017Sealcon mechanical seal can use in the petrochemical industries.Sealcon company also has the certain knowledge of the petroleum industry, and the mechanical seal products are also widely used in the p...view
  • ChemicalChemicalMay 16, 2017Sealcon’s mechanical seal also widely used in the field of chemistry.These fluid in chemical enterprises are generally corrosive and flammable, which will not only affect the normal operation of the ...view
  • Food And BeverageFood And BeverageMay 16, 2017With global population continuing to grow, feeding the world sustainably is a worldwide challenge. Water is at the center of this concern, as food production is the largest single consumer of water. R...view
  • Oil and GasOil and GasMay 16, 2017In recent years, with the rapid development of modern industry, the oil and gas industry, as an important industry which is related to the comprehensive strength of the country, has developed very rap...view