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Marine research focuses on three central issues: maritime rights and interests, marine resources, the marine environment. The international struggle for the exploitation and possession of deep-sea resources is becoming more and more intense. And the match with the deep-sea technical strength of the competition is also increasingly prominent.

Sealcon Sealant Solutions

With the continuous exploitation of marine resources, the use of underwater equipment is becoming more and more diversified. Because the underwater work has the characteristics of deep depth, long time and high complexity, and is directly related to personal safety, people's demand for the underwater equipment reliability and safety are increasing. Among them, the seal design is to ensure the normal use of underwater equipment, is the key link about the safety and reliability. Therefore, the excellent marine seal design is necessary.

We can discuss the shipping seals as an example. Mechanical seals are gradually applied to the stern shaft seal of ships with the advantages of less leakage, good sealing performance, and durability, and become an important part of ship propulsion system. Mechanical seals are applicable to the caudal tube of the ship. Rotary joints can be widely used in ships thrusters, drilling ships, dredging, mining, submarine lines and jumpers, fire reels, top drive, etc. In addition, it is also used for hydropower and wind power.

The tail shaft mechanical seal as an important part of the ship shafting, it is the key equipment which can prevent the outboard seawater entering the cabin through the main shaft. Its sealing performance directly affects the safety and survivability of ships, especially underwater vehicles, deep submersibles and the like. The most important issue for the stern shaft of a ship is to obtain low leakage while controlling the relevant performance parameters so as to reduce the friction and wear between the seal faces, improve the service life of the seal and ensure the safety of the ship operation.

Sealcon will pay much attention to the marine mechanical seal which can use in the ocean area, and try to play an important role in the Marine industry.
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