Food And Beverage

Mechanical Seals In Food And Beverage

Food And Beverage

Mechanical Seals for Food Industry

With global population continuing to grow, The sustainable delivery of food to the world is a worldwide challenge. Water is at the center of this concern, as food production is the largest single consumer of water. Reducing the water footprint of food production is a central goal of the food and beverage industry. Sealcon can assist in optimizing and managing every stage of a production facility's water cycle and the food problem.

Characteristics of Food Pump Seal

The mechanical seals are used for mixed food mixer, beverage mixer, the food pump and so on. 

Mechanical seals in Food And Beverage: food grade rubber seals (food grade shaft seals) & food pump seal

Food pump is a machine for transporting food which containing gas-liquid, foam liquid, suspended rigid and soft granular medium. There is no dead angle in the pump chamber, and the polishing inside and outside surface can be quickly disassembled and installed for cleaning.And the mechanical seal in the food pump plays a very important role.

In the food industry, food pumps are mostly used for conveying food or nutritional fluid and semi fluid (containing with suspended soft and hard particles,With different viscosity,breakable and absolutely not emulsified.), such as flour paste, jam, egg, tomato sauce, salt, spices, edible oil, sauce, canned food, jelly, milk, ice cream, yogurt and fruit yogurt, whey, syrup, honey, glucose, tomato juice and pulp, beer, Wine, Grape Juice, destemmed grapes, soft drinks, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate.

As for the food pump, it is transported more fluid or half fluid, and tall hese fluids are used for daily edible, so the relatively high safety is needed. Use the good quality of the mechanical seals can ensure the normal operation of the food pump, and also ensure the safety of the food production.

Good Quality Food Grade Seals by Sealcon

The Sealcon's mechanical seal does not require a lubricant supply device, and it will not cause pollution which is caused by the leakage of lubricants. The rotary joint can be applied to the automation system. Sealcon mechanical seals help you to have a much safer and cleaner equipment.
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