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Stainless Steel Seal

Stainless Steel is short for stainless acid resistant steel. It is called Stainless Steel with weak corrosive medium or Stainless Steel, such as air, steam and water. The type of steel that corrodes the chemical corrosive medium (acid, alkali, salt, etc.) is called acid-resisting steel.

Classification of Steel Seal Material

According to the organization status, it can be divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenite - ferrite (double phase) stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel. In addition, it can be divided into chromium stainless steel, chromium nickel stainless steel and chromium manganese nitrogen stainless steel according to its constituent.
The word "stainless steel" is not merely refers to a pure stainless steel but more than one hundred kinds of stainless steel industry. And the development of each stainless steel has good performance in their specific applications. Therefore, the first stept is to figure out the useage, and then determine the correct type of steel according to the characteristics of each type of stainless steel.

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Seal

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, compatibility and strong ductility in wide temperature range, stainless steel is also an excellent raw material for seal suppliers
Sealcon’s steel seal for sale mainly applies following raw materials:
  • 2Cr13
  • AISI 304
  • AISI 316
  • AISI 316L
  • AM350 alloy
  • Hastelloy C alloy
  • Titanium alloy
  • Copper
  • Bronze
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