Mechanical Sealing Material

Mechanical Sealing Material

Sealing material is an important factor that affects the service time of a mechanical seal. Moreover, the wrong combination of sealing materials may cause premature seal failure and worse losts. Users must consider the working environment the seals are used and choose the right seal face materials. Sealcon supplies a series of seals made of different materials. Please click the following pages to get more details about mechanical seal face materials or contact us for further information.
Mechanical Seal Material Selection
  • Rubber Seal
    Rubber Seal
    Rubber seal material is the ideal material to be used for leaking and sealing. We have fluorine rubber seal ring, silicone rubber seal ring, nitrile rubber seal ring, etc. Different types of rubber gasket seal can be used in different fields.
  • Stainless Steel Seal
    Stainless Steel Seal
    Stainless steel seal can be made into different types since it can be different kinds of stainless steels with different raw material combination. Make sure about the usage and choose the right stainless steel seal to save a lot!
  • PTFE Seal
    PTFE Seal
    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seal (also teflon/teflon seal) has strong chemical and thermal resistance. Therefore, PTFE seal material are widely used in high-temperature environment or in contact with chemically aggressive substances.
  • Carbon Seal
    Carbon Seal
    Carbon face seal may be the perfect seal to be used in most water and chemical applications. The carbon seal material is compatible with all mating faces, such as stainless steel, alumina, ect. Custom carbon ring seals are available from us.
  • Ceramic Seal
    Ceramic Seal
    Ceramic mechanical seal has the best rigidity and highest hardness, widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, etc. With advantageous ceramic material properties, it has become Sealcon's preferable choice for sealing materials.
  • SiC Mechanical Seal
    SiC Mechanical Seal
    Silicon carbide mechanical seal is in the same family as ceramic, but has more excellent lubrication qualities and higher hardness. Different material combination can be selected according to different application environments.
  • TC Seal
    TC Seal
    TC oil seal material, known as “Industrial Tooth”, has the features of good hardness, strength, and strong abrasion and corrosion resistance. With these characteristics, the oil seal TC type works well as mechanical seals in high temperature, friction and corrosion conditions.
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