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Pharmaceutical Industry

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The continuous development of new drugs and healthcare products has increased the capacity of the pharmaceutical industry, but also brought great competition. Pharmaceutical manufacturers through improved procedures to improve the performance of their rotating equipment, and to maintain its compliance with the specification. Lower leaks and improved purity are two major concerns of sealed rotary equipment, both of which complement each other.

Characteristics of Rotary Seals for Pharmaceutical Industry

Sealcon Mechanical Seals Achievements in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Systems thanks to its extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, Sealcon mechanical seals are well aware of the stringent requirements of the medical regulatory sector in the medical industry.

Product Integrity: For the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, it is important to ensure complete consistency of product characteristics in each batch of products. Sealcon's production equipment, operating accurately and accurately, in full compliance with regulatory requirements, to ensure the high quality of the product, and reduce the time-consuming costs and re-certification risk.
Biotech and pharmaceutical industries require ultra-clean processes. Years of sanitary application history has taught us the importance of hygiene design. Sanitary design not only reduces the risk of breeding bacteria but also avoids cavitation, dead ends and stagnant areas. So, in general, Sealcon mechanical seals stand out in biotechnology and pharmaceutical systems.

Excellent Pharmaceutical Pump Seal by Sealcon

Sealcon mechanical seals ensure contamination-free and zero-particulates in the cell collection, fermentation broth extracts and cellular impurities. Our membrane filtration system for separating smaller particles is ideal for purification of fermentation broths such as antibiotics, amino acids and organic acids, and for dextran concentration. Our current cleaning equipment prevents the product from being cross-contaminated. Our mechanical seals are certified for hygiene, precision and safety.

Our mechanical seals stand out for their economy, production safety and environmental impact. Outstanding performance in biotechnology and pharmaceutical systems. Mechanical seals are used in mixers for use with mixers. Since there is no need for lubricant supply, the risk of contamination and explosions is drastically reduced. Safe manufacturing of medicines, please working with Sealcon together!

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