Pumps are usually used to lift liquids, to transport liquids or to increase the pressure of liquids, that is, the mechanical energy of the original motive can be changed into liquid energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid.

The technical parameters of water pump performance are flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc. According to different working principle, it can be divided into volume water pump, vane pump. The volumetric pump uses the change of its studio volume to transmit energy; Vane pump is used to transfer energy through the interaction of rotary blades and water, with the centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump.

Precautions for installation of water pump

1. The basic coordinates, elevation, dimensions and reserved holes shall meet the design requirements. The basic surface level and concrete strength shall meet the installation requirements of the equipment. The plane size of the water pump foundation shall be 100~150 mm wide at the base of the pump set when the vibration isolation is installed. The vibration isolation installation should be 150 mm wider than the water pump vibration isolation base. The top elevation of the foundation shall be higher than 100 mm above the surface of the pump room when installed without vibration isolation, and 50 mm above the surface of the pump room when the vibration isolation is installed, and no water will be formed. There are drainage facilities around the base, which can be used to drain water or prevent leakage.

2. The oil, gravel, soil and water in the hole of the water pump foundation surface and anchor bolt shall be cleaned up and predetermined. The thread and nut of the buried anchor bolt should be well protected, and the surface of the packet should be chipped.

Maintenance work of pump unit

  • put out the remaining water in the pump and pipeline.
  • if the dismantling is convenient, the pump and the pipeline can be removed and cleaned up.
  • check ball bearings, such as wear of inner, open movement, ball wear or surface spots, they should be replaced. The parts that can be used are cleaned with gasoline or kerosene after cleaning the bearings and preserved in butter.
  • check whether there are cracks or small holes in the impeller, whether the fixed nut of the impeller is loose, if it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced. Check the clearance of the impeller at the grinding ring, if it exceeds the specified value, and should be repaired or replaced.
  • if both the water pump and the pipe are not disassembled, the cover will be sealed with the cover plate to prevent the entry of the sundries.
  • when the transmission belt is not used, the adhesive tape should be removed, cleaned and dried with warm water, kept in the place where there is no direct sunlight, and it should not be stored in oil-contaminated areas. No matter in any case, do not stick the tape on oil, diesel or gasoline, and do not apply rosin and other sticky material to the tape. Before using the tape, remove the white powder from the tape.
  • all the screws, bolts with wire should be brushed to clean, and coated with oil or immersed in diesel for storage.