Seal Spare Parts Sealing Rings
Seal Spare Parts Sealing Rings

Seal Spare Parts Sealing Rings

Brief Introduction of Sealing Rings

The seal ring is a ring seal with the notch, it is placed in the ring groove of the sleeve, the sleeve rotates together with the shaft, and the sealing ring is elastically attached to the inner hole wall of the stationary part when it is pressed, so it can play a sealing role. Each contact surface needs to be hardened and polished. The seal ring is made of chromium wear resistant cast iron, which can be used for sliding speed less than 100m/s. If the slip speed is 60~80m/s, tin ring bronze can also be used to make the sealing ring.

Seal Ring Technical Requirements

  • the flatness of the sealing end surface is not more than 0.0009mm (that is, the three monochromatic light interference bands); the Ra value of the hard material sealing end surface roughness is not more than 0.2μm; the Ra value of the soft material sealing end surface roughness is not more than 0.4μm;Sealing rings surface should not have cracks, scratches, porosity and porosity and other defects that affect performance.
  • seal ring sealing surface and the auxiliary seal ring contact surface parallelism according to GB / T1184.1996 level 7 accuracy requirements.
  • The verticality of the sealing rings end face and the inner (or outer) circle surface of the auxiliary seal ring shall be in accordance with the accuracy of Level 7 of GB / T1184 and 1996.
  • seal ring and auxiliary seal contact surface roughness Ra. Value is not more than 3.2μm; cylindrical or bore size tolerance h9 or H9.

Flexible Graphite Sealing Rings

1. Flexible graphite sealing ring Flexible graphite ribbon or flexible graphite packing, molded into different sizes of ring products.
2. Adapt to hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange fluid, nitrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and other media.
3. Used for compressors, pumps, valves, chemical equipment, meters and so on.
4. Pressure (Mpa): 25 Temperature (℃): - 200 ~ 850 Linear speed (m / s): 30 PH value: 0 ~ 14
5. Graphite rings are divided into flexible graphite and carbon-graphite rings.
  • Carbon - graphite ring is mainly used in mechanical rotation of the seal.
  • Carbon - graphite ring with high temperature corrosion-resistant wear-resistant properties.

Pump Seal Ring Role

Pumps are machines that transport liquids or pressurize liquids. It will be the prime mover mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, so that the liquid energy increases, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspension and liquid metal, but also can be transported liquid, gas mixture As well as liquids containing suspended solids. Pump performance of the technical parameters of flow, suction lift, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc .; according to different working principle can be divided into volume pumps, vane pumps and other types. Volumetric pumps utilize the variation of their working chamber volume to transfer energy. Vane pumps use the interaction of rotating blades and water to transfer energy, such as centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, and mixed flow pumps.

The role of the pump sealing ring is to prevent abrasion between the pump impeller and the pump housing to improve the water flow at the inlet of the pump and improve pump efficiency.
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