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Seal Spare Parts

Features of our Mechanical Seal Spare Parts

  • Our mechanical seal spare parts are developed using latest technology support for smooth flawless performance
  • The customer's drawings or samples are welcomed. We can do your personalized mechanical seal spare parts with special departments.
  • Our mechanical seal spare parts have a long service life.
  • Find lower costs of our mechanical seal spare parts.
There are five main spare parts of mechanical seals in SEALCON. You can find their function easily in the following description.
  • Sealing Rings: it is widely used to prevent abrasion between the pump impeller and the pump housing to improve the water flow at the inlet of the pump and improve pump efficiency.
  • Seal Spare Parts Spring: it's mainly used to hold the seal shut when the pump is stopped. In the case of the many less expensive seal the spring is also used to drive the rotating head of the seal. 
  • Seal Spare Parts O-ring: It is a rubber seal with a cross section (or O). Its main function is sealing, such as gas-sealing, water-sealing, oil-sealing and so on.
  • Seal Spare Parts Sleeve: it can protect the shaft from packing wear at the stuffing box and protect the running surface of the shaft seal or the surfaces in contact from damage or abrasive wear. 
  • Seal Spare Parts Gland: it can reduce the machine's internal leakage and improve machine volume efficiency.