Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals

The double cartridge mechanical seal is a pre-assembled package of seal components, which make the installation much easier to prevent potential installing errors.

Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Sale

Cartridge mechanical seal is the rotary ring, stationary ring, spring, auxiliary seal, bushings, glands, Gasket and static seal, total 7 components together into a collection. Therefore, the installation of the machine is more convenient, faster, reliable, welcomed by users all over the world.

Materials Combination of Double Cartridge Seals

  • Face: Carbon, SiC, TC
  • Seat: SiC, TC
  • O-rings: NBR, EPDM, VITON, Aflas, FEP, Kalrez, Chemraz
  • Spring: SS316, Hastelloy C, AM350
  • Metal parts: SS316, Hastelloy C

Feature of Double Cartridge Seals

  • Installation without measuring the length of the seal work;
  • Axis can be adjusted at any time;
  • No start-up leakage problem occurs because the seals have been tested beforehand;
  • Only need to install the package tightly sealed bolts, easy to ensure the quality of assembly;
  • protect the sealing surface from contamination or damage due to operational errors before installation or start to operate;
  • Can be re-adjusted after the thermal expansion of machinery and equipment;
  • Use of coordination, it can self - determine center.
  • Easy to remove the seal for cleaning and inspection, without having to disassemble pump equipment.

Double Mechanical Seal Installation

Double cartridge seal is made up of 2 set seal faces.

Double cartridge mechanical seals have axial double-face seals and radial double-face seals. The radial double cartridge shaft seal's structure is more compact than the axial double cartridge seal. Double cartridge pump seal is widely used in the media which is poor Lubricated, toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile, containing abrasive and gas etc.

The pre-installation of the dual cartridge mechanical seal is simple and easy to operate. It simplifies the process of measurement and adjustment, and has the characteristics of simple installation and strong interchangeability. The damage to the sealing element caused by the mechanical seal installation is avoided and the maintenance cost is reduced. With high quality imported special ceramics, corrosion resistant graphite, sintered carbide and other sealing materials, the life of the mechanical seal is improved.

Advantage of Double Cartridge Seals

  • Cartridge design, easy to install and reliable, no one for the installation error; 
  • Balanced seal ring design, can withstand higher pressure fluctuations of the medium; (3) stationary ring automatic compensation mechanism. Can overcome the influence of the angular offset of the end face and compensate the non-perpendicularity of the end face and the shaft; 
  • Modular design, easy interchangeability of spare parts, easy installation; 
  • Built-in small spring does not contact with the medium, so it will not be clogged or corroded;
  • The small spring is not affected by the centrifugal force and is suitable for higher speed. 
  • Complete seal ring design, suitable for the high-temperature environment; 
  • Withstand the isolation fluid and medium pressure fluctuations during operation, Suitable for high speed.

Application of Double Cartridge Seals

Cartridge mechanical seals are widely used in all sectors of enterprises. Such as water pump plant, printing and dyeing machinery plant, paper mill, power plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical shipyard and sewage treatment plant, and are widely used in hospitals, agriculture, equipment cooling, leather making industry, heavy machinery and so on.

It can be used for various types of Pump, valves, mixer, Reaction synthesis reactor, turbine compressor, submersible motor etc

Difference between Single Cartridge Seals and Double Cartridge Seals

  • Single cartridge seal is made up of 1 set of seal faces while double cartridge seal is made up of 2 set seal faces.
  • The principle of the double cartridge mechanical seal is basically the same as Single cartridge mechanical seal. Both of them are constituted by the seal face (friction pair) perpendicular to the rotation axis, worked as Fluid leakage device based on the function of the fluid pressure and the compensation mechanism and the auxiliary seal. Double cartridge shaft seal has two face seals, if the primary seal fails, the secondary seal can still be sealed to prevent leakage.
  • The use of dual mechanical seal allows the cleaning fluid to be held between groups of surfaces. This allows the sealing surface can only see a clean lubricating fluid, greatly extending the life of the seal.
  • General dual mechanical seals are required for sealing liquid system. Sealing fluid is introduced into the sealed chamber for blocking, lubrication and cooling, and is mostly used for circulating cooling. Sealing fluid can not only wash the friction pair to improve the working environment of the mechanical seal, but also as an important sealing surface failure is an important means of detection.
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