Pump Housing

Pump Housing

The function of pump housing

The main function of the stents is the function of fixation and support, whether it is in the room or in the flat tube.

Installation method of Pump Housing

The installation of a water pump, including a cylindrical body, The one end of the body is provided with a flange connected with the pump body and the flange is set with the same axis of the body as described. The characteristic is that the cavity of the body can be used to locate the motor. The inner wall of the body is provided with a strip groove, and the groove is provided with a perforated adjustment hole.

When assembling, the pump body is connected to the flange through screws. The motor's base is slid into the cavity of the body along the strip groove, and the motor is connected with the body through the adjusting hole through the screw. At the same time, it is convenient to adjust the relative position of the motor and the body, which has the merits of convenient installation and use.

Setting considerations of Pump Housing

  • set the support, hanger or spring support hanger on the pipe section near the pump;
  • when the outlet nozzle of the pump is vertically upwards, the bracket is set at the nearest corner of the pump and outside the base of the pump. A hanger can also be arranged at the turning point above the pump nozzle;
  • for the high temperature of inlet and outlet pipe of the main-machine pump, in order to reduce the pressure on the pump nozzle, the relative thermal expansion that amounts between the constraint point and the pump nozzle should be minimized;
  • the horizontal suction pipe of the pump should be set adjustable bracket on the pipe section near the pump, or a hanger or spring hanger can be used;
  • to prevent the pulsation of reciprocating pump pipes, the distance between the pipe housing should be shortened, and the pipe bracket should be used as far as possible, and the hanger should not be used;
  • when the pipe of the pump is in normal temperature, a fixed bracket or guide frame should be set in the nearest part of the pump nozzle;
  • small pumps attached to the pump are arranged in groups so as to install the support.
  • no bracket shall be installed on the pump base without the permission of the pump manufacturer.
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