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Pump Wear Plate

Pump Wear Plate
For users, the maintenance of daily use is more important to prolong their life, so the following two points must be done:

tighten the wear-resistant plate (ring) of the nut regularly. After the use of a period of time, there is a little wear on the wear-resisting layer due to the existence of abrasive wear in the braided concrete cylinder, so that a small amount of wear is made on the wear-resistant layer, and the loosening of the locking nut will appear. The thrust ring is not compressed without producing elastic force. There will be a certain gap between the wear plate and the wear-resisting ring. At this time, the fine particles in the concrete will enter the wear plate and the wear-resisting ring, forming a low-stress abrasion wear.

As the speed of wear is accelerated, the gap between the wear plate and the wear-resistant ring will become larger, making the large particles of concrete into the room, quickening the wear and scratch of the wear-resistant layer, so that the life of the wear plate and the wear-resistant ring is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the lock nut regularly to ensure that there is a certain pressure between the wear-resisting ring and the wear plate, thereby improving the life of wear plate and wear-resisting ring.

Periodically check the thrust ring because the thrust ring is in the concrete for a long time, and it will be compressed for a long time, which will lose its elasticity due to fatigue and aging. This will result in the gap between the wear plate and the wear-resisting ring due to the lack of the pretension force. The various granular abrasives come into it, speeding up the wear between the wear-resistant layer and reducing the service life.

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