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Mechanical Seals in Pulp Plant

The mechanical seal is widely used in pulp and paper industry. The excellent sealing performance is one of the important factors in the high-efficiency operation of the pulp and paper industry and the chemical industry. In recent years, the technology of mechanical seals for pulp and paper industry and chemical industry is developing constantly. It is of high theoretical value and practical significance to summarize and analyze the use of mechanical seal technology to better guide production.

Requirements for Paper Plate Seal

The production of pulp and paper industry and chemical industry requires a lot of high-speed liquid pumps, slurry pumps and water pumps to transport water, slurry, acid and alkali chemicals in production. And the pulping and papermaking equipment, from cooking to papermaking and coating technology, should use many pumps, slurry pumps and various pharmaceutical pumps. In the key parts of these pumps, it is necessary to have a reliable seal, especially the seal of the shaft sealing part of the pump is more important. The sealing performance of pump shaft seal directly affects the performance of equipment in pulp and paper industry and mechanical seals for chemical industry. Therefore, pulp and paper industry are aiming at saving energy, saving resources and reducing maintenance. Nowadays, mechanical seals will be chosen in most cases. Now, in order to make mechanical seals play a more important role in pulp and paper industry, Sealcon company is still improving and reforming the mechanical seal.

The research and development work with full-scale testing facilities and partnership development programs has resulted in many pumps, mixer, agitator, aerator, and compressor innovations of mechanical seals for pulp and paper. Sealcon's extensive product portfolio is designed to meet the most demanding hydraulic coverage requirements and for all types of liquid, making it ideal for challenging pumping and mixing operations.
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