Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Mechanical Seal

Petrochemical Industry

Mechanical Seals For Petrochemical Industry

Sealcon mechanical seal can be used in the petrochemical industries.

We also have the certain knowledge about mechanical seals for petrochemical industry, and the mechanical seal products are also widely used in the petroleum industry.

Petrochemical Pump Seal Solution

In petrochemical industry, the transport medium of rotating equipment is usually high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful fluid, and its reliability is particularly important. Mechanical seal has been widely used because of the advantages, such as high reliability, good interchangeability, simple structure and compact structure, convenient maintenance and so on. We need to analyze the seal structure, material and flushing, and choose the suitable petrochemical mechanical seal for the pump, so as to improve the reliability of the seal.Compared with single face mechanical seal, double face mechanical seal is suitable for strong corrosion, suspended particles, flammable, explosive and volatile medium. When sealing high-pressure medium, the pressure difference at each end of each seal can be allocated reasonably, and the working pressure range of the seal can be improved. In petroleum industry, double face mechanical seal is a good choice.

After years of research and development, the sealing device for rotating equipment has evolved from an initial simple packing seal to an advanced combination seal, a controllable seal, from reduced leakage to "zero leakage", and new technology have been continuously improved. Although the operating conditions and conditions become harsher and harsher, the petrochemical industry is still the occurrence of sealed fault events, but we believe that with the sensor and electronics, new materials, advanced processing technology, the rapid development of real environmental, efficient and Safe sealing technology will eventually embark on the stage of history.
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