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  • 01,09,2019

    1. Pay attention to the concrete measures of technical treatment in pump mechanical seal design1.1 According to the pump model, performance, working characteristics, select the corresponding mechanica...

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  • 28,08,2019

    The mechanical seal used in the water pump seal is one of the most effective ways of rotating mechanical seal. The precision of its own processing is relatively high, especially the dynamic, static ri...

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  • 24,08,2019

    When the water pump seal needs to be replaced, the following methods should be followed:Spring compression should be carried out in accordance with the provisions. Do not allow too much or too small p...

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  • 20,08,2019

    1. Advantages1.1 Reliable structure. Leakage can be limited to a small amount. As long as the surface roughness and straightness of the main sealing surface can be guaranteed to meet the requirements,...

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  • 16,08,2019

    1. Definition of o ring mechanical seal O-ring mechanical seal is a device composed of at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotating axis, under the action of the fluid pressure and the...

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  • 12,08,2019

    Perform pre-installation inspection1. O ring mechanical seal's seal chamber. The specification, diameter and depth of the sealed cavity must meet the relevant dimensional requirements;The coaxiality a...

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