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Rubber Seal

Rubber seal is one of the common base components in sealing device, and plays an important role in the leaking and sealing. It is composed of one or a few parts of the annular cover, fixed to the bearing ring or washer and contact with another ring or washer or form a labyrinth of narrow gap and prevent the lubricating oil leakage and outside intrusion.

How Rubber Work in Mechanical Seals

Rubber seals have a variety of contours, including O-rings, cup gaskets, bellows diaphragms, sealing/wiper lip, etc. The rubber shaft seals are classified into static or dynamic categories. They would generate positive pressure on the surface to eliminate or control the leakage of liquid and/or gas while preventing the ingress of external contaminants such as dust and dirt.

Benefits of Rubber Seal Material

Because rubber has precious elastic polymer material and the wide temperature range. A little stress in different medium can produce large deformation. Then the deformation can provide contact pressure and leakage clearance compensation to achieve the purpose of sealing. Rubber seal suppliers devote to providing all kinds of rubber seals which are applied to mechanical equipments, in the specified temperature, pressure and different liquids and gases, to achive the sealing effect in the static or moving state.

Select the Right Rubber Seal Material

Rubber sealing rings can be divided into fluorine rubber seal ring, silicone rubber seal ring, nitrile rubber seal ring and so on. These different rubber seal materials have different product characteristics and are suitable for different fields. For example, fluorine rubber with high temperature resistance can be used in - 30℃ to + 250℃ environment with strong oxidant, oil resistant and alkali resistance. Due to its excellent performance, fluorine rubber is widely used in petroleum, chemical, aviation, aerospace and other sectors. The following table can help you master the characteristics of different rubber seals, and then choose different rubber seal rings according to different needs.
ozone resistant
heat resistant 120 150 150 120 200 175 320 280 220
chemical resistant

oil resistant ×

cold resistant -40℃ -40℃ -50℃ -40℃ -20℃ -30℃ -20℃ -10℃0℃ -70℃
wear resistant

distortion resistant

acid resistant

alkali resistant

tensile strength

vapor resistant ×

burnresistant × × ×
stable stock year 43961 43961 43961 43961 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
common color: red  orange  yellow  green  blue  gray  purple  brown

● excellent     ○ good     △ normal     × bad
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