Technical Progress of Rubber Material for Mechanical Seal

With the development of modern science and technology, people are increasingly strict in energy conservation, environmental protection, safe production and staff health. This leads to the use of high-tech automation and continuous production, but also requires that the equipment used should not drip or leak. Mechanical seal is one of the important seals to solve the phenomenon of dropping and leakage in the industrial production equipment of the enterprise. It is widely used in the production equipment of many products. In order to meet the requirements of the production equipment in the new era, the mechanical seals, in accordance with the requirements of the operating conditions, have also put forward higher requirements for the rubber seals to be used in addition to the necessary structural design and improvement. The cross-linked rubber not only requires good physical and mechanical properties, but also requires the quality to comply with the requirements of green environmental laws and regulations, and must meet the requirements of certain service life under the premise of no leakage. A mechanical seal branch of China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seal Industrial Association attaches great importance to the high requirements of mechanical seal products under the new situation, they organize experts, collect relevant information at home and abroad and carry out investigation. Over the years, the following work has been done:
1) performance and application of perfluoroether rubber.
2) complete plastic wrap rubber 0-ring foreign data collection.
3) modification of o-shaped rubber ring standard for mechanical seals.
4) the drafting and formulation of the complete O ring standard for the mechanical seal.
5) technical guidance and cultivation of O ring supporting manufacturers for mechanical seals.
After consulting with industry units, members of the standard committee and expert review and approval, the industry standards have been formed for the use of relevant units. These new measures not only bring the technological progress of the industry and the improvement of the quality of the products, but also bring a good social impact and an increase in export trade for the mechanical seal industry with the enhancement of the service consciousness. At the same time, the rubber enterprises matched with this have also enhanced their strength, updated the production equipment and added vulcanizate performance testing equipment. These enterprises are also developing rapidly.