Single Cartridge Seals S11 with Compact Design and Easy Installation for John Crane 5610

single cartridge seal for sale
Single Cartridge Seals S11
Replacement for:
  • John crane 5610
  • Single Cartridge Seals
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation

Performance Capabilities of Single Cartridge Seals S11

  • Temperature: -30℃ to 250℃ dependent on the elastomer
  • Pressure: Up to 75mm/3.0”          21 bar g/300 psig max.
    75mm/3.0” and over    13 bar g/200 psig max.
  • Speed: Up to 25 m/s
  • End play/axial float allowance 0.13mm/0.005”
  • Run out/out of squareness: 0.05mm/0.002”

Sizes of Single Cartridge Seals S11

24mm to 140mm
1” to 5.5”

Materials Combination of Single Cartridge Seals S11

  • Face: Carbon, SiC, TC
  • Seat: SiC, TC
  • O-rings: NBR, EPDM, VITON, Aflas, FEP, Kalrez, Chemraz etc.
  • Spring: SS316, Hastelloy C
  • Metal parts: SS316
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