Leakage Analysis And Maintenance Of Mechanical Seal

Leakage analysis and maintenance of mechanical seal

1. Repair of mechanical seal

Mechanical seal flygt pump do not need special tools and materials for maintenance. Generally speaking, mechanical seals must be provided with the following tools and materials:

(1) white cloth and soft paper: in the process of maintenance and installation of mechanical seal, clean is the most basic and the most critical condition. When the mechanical seal is overhauled, it is generally not allowed to work with gloves.
(2) clean lubricating oil: for the convenience of installation and sealing, all parts that are in contact with the shaft or bushing are best coated with a small amount of lubricating oil when installing.
(3) the inner six angle wrench used for fastening the positioning screw. The positioning screws for the general mechanism seal are stainless steel, and the unsuitable tools may damage the screw, so that the ring can not be fastened well, so the special tools must be prepared.

2. Analysis and judgment of the cause of leakage

With the continuous improvement of the process and automation level of industrial enterprises, the stability and reliability of equipment are particularly important. According to statistics, there is a direct connection between the 60% mechanical equipment unplanned parking accidents and the sealing faults, and the sealing performance has become an important index for evaluating the quality of mechanical products. There are various types and different types of mechanical seals, but the leakage points are mainly five: (a) the seal between the shaft sleeve and the shaft; (b) the seal between the dynamic ring and the shaft sleeve; (c) the seal between the dynamic and static rings; (d) the seal between the static ring and the static ring; (E) the seal between the seal end cover and the pump body.

Generally speaking, the leakage of shaft, seal end cover and pump body is easy to find and solve, but it needs careful observation, especially when the working medium is liquefied gas or high pressure, toxic and harmful gas, it is relatively difficult. The rest of the leakage is very difficult to identify and judge. On the basis of long-term management and maintenance practice, the leakage symptoms can be observed, analyzed and studied and judged, so that the correct conclusions can be reached.

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