The Mechanical Seal Of The Pump

The mechanical seal of the pump is the material or part that prevents the leakage of fluid or solid particles from the adjacent surface and prevents the external impurities, such as dust and water, into the parts or parts inside the machine equipment.
The MFLWT80 series pump mechanical seal balanced design reduces the seal end face load, prolongs the sealing life, and makes the seal work in the vacuum environment, which is suitable for the compact and limited conditions of space.

Type 116UU pump mechanical seal has double ends, multi spring, non-equilibrium type, used in large petrochemical enterprises and acrylic fiber production enterprises in the two effect tower circulating pump.

The complete design of the JGM668 seal ring improves the stability of the sealing ring under high pressure and high temperature conditions, and prolongs the service life of the seal in such a working condition.

The mechanical seal design performance of the H74F-D series pump is the same as that of the JM7N series. The double end structure is suitable for the medium which is easy to crystallize, easy to leak and contain granular fiber. For the medium with low boiling, corrosion and toxic, it is especially suitable for the use of double end seal. When the H74F-D series of mechanical seals work, the sealing cavity should have circulating coolant and cooling. The liquid pressure should be greater than the pressure of the medium.

Flygt pump seals is a common type in the mechanical seal which is usually used in the Swedish ITT Flygt mixer and submersible sewage pumps. Sealcon can provide this kind of pump seals.

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