Common Problems In Mechanical Seal Pump

The following are several common failure about the seal of mechanical seal flygt pump:

(1). Leakage during installation of static test. After the mechanical seal is installed and debugged, the static pressure test is usually carried out to observe the leakage quantity. If the leakage is small, most of them are movable rings or static ring seals. When the leakage is large, it indicates that there are problems between the dynamic and static ring friction pairs. On the basis of preliminary observation of the leakage and judging the leakage position, the manual coil is observed by manual coil car. If there is no obvious change in leakage, there is a problem in the seal ring of the static and dynamic ring. Most of the leakage media leak to the surrounding area or leakage from the water cooling hole, mostly static ring seal failure. In addition, leakage channels can also exist at the same time, but generally there are differences between primary and secondary. As long as we observe carefully and familiarity with the structure, we will be able to correctly judge.

(2). leakage occurred during trial operation. After the static test of the mechanical seal flygt pump, the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the pump mechanical seal will inhibit the leakage of the medium. Therefore, during the trial operation, the leakage of mechanical seal is basically caused by the failure of the dynamic and static ring friction pairs after removing the seal between the shaft and the end cap. The main factors that cause the failure of the friction pair seal are as follows:

A. when the mechanical seal is installed, the amount of compression is too large, resulting in serious wear and abrasion of the friction pairs.
B. The static ring seal is too loose, when the moving ring is floating in an axial direction, the static ring is separated from the static ring seat.
C. There are granular materials in the working medium, and enter the friction pairs in the operation to detect the static and dynamic sealing ends.
D. Incorrect design and selection, low sealing surface pressure or large cold shrinkage of sealing material, the above phenomena often appear in trial operation, sometimes can be eliminated by adjusting the static ring seat, but most of them need to be dismantled and replaced again.

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