The Basic Parts of Mechanical Seal

1. The five basic parts of mechanical seal: rotating ring, stationary ring, spring, auxiliary seal, other metal parts

2. Mechanical seal materials:

1) Sealing surface materials:

a. Graphite: including antimony graphite, resin graphite, hot-press graphite

b. Metal: SS304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel, SS304 spraying cemented carbide, SS316 spraying cemented carbide, SS304 chromium plating, SS316 chromium plating

c. Cemented carbide: co-based cemented carbide, co-based cemented carbide (inlay), ni-based cemented carbide, ni-based cemented carbide (inlay)

d. Silicon carbide: pressureless sintering silicon carbide, pressureless sintering silicon carbide (inlay), reactive sintering silicon carbide, reactive sintering silicon carbide (inlay), graphite filling reaction silicon carbide, graphite filling reaction silicon carbide (inlay), graphite filling pressureless silicon carbide, graphite filling pressureless silicon carbide (inlay).

e. Ceramic: 99 ceramic, 95 ceramic, 99.5 ceramic, talc(ceramet)

f. Teflon: fiberglass filling teflon, graphite filling teflon

2) Secondary mechanical seal materials:

a. Non-coated rubber: ethylene-propylene rubber, perfluor rubber, neoprene rubber, cyanide rubber, silicon rubber, fluoride rubber, HNBR rubber, ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer

b. Coated rubber: FPM coated PTFE, EPDM coated PTFE, MVQ coated PTFE, NR coated PTFE, FEP coated FL

c. Non-rubber: flexible graphite (pure graphite ), teflon, PTFE with  galss fiber, no filling teflon

3. Spring materials: SS304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel, AM350, hastelloy alloy C-276

4. Structure materials: SS304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel, carpenters 20, hastelloy alloy C-276, inconel, titanium alloy
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