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Advantages Of Shaft Seals

We make a comparative analysis of the structure and sealing principle of the main shaft. The main shaft structure of the common grinding and polishing machine has a certain sealing performance. When the polishing liquid is sprayed between the mold and the optical lens installed on the spindle, the polishing liquid forms a water mist around the shaft seals due to certain pressure, and the water mist is in a diffuse state. It converges on the outer space between the shaft seals and the sealing ring. Of course, the new machine tool has better sealing pressure between the relative motion seals. The polishing fluid that is dispersed around the sealing element which cannot enter the interior of the spindle, so the main shaft is working safely under such a sealed condition. However, after a period of time, the sealing force of the seals gradually decreased due to the corrosion of the rubber sealing elements by the polishing solution. When the sealing force reaches a certain value, the foggy liquid will gradually enter the spindle. In addition, if the abrasive in the polishing fluid is concentrated on the relative moving surface, it will aggravate the wear and breaking effect of the rubber seal. Therefore, the quality and performance of the seals can also extend the service life of the seals.

Good spindle mechanical seal has the following advantages:

1.The good structure of the shaft seal is the foundation for ensuring normal lubrication condition of spindle. This ensures the normal lubrication conditions of the spindle and guarantees the normal service life of the machine.
2.The spindle of well sealed machine tool not only greatly reduces the maintenance cost, but also adds the satisfaction and praise of the users, and lays a solid foundation for the creation of more social value and the development of the factory.
3.The main shaft seal structure can be widely used in metal cutting machine tool, optical machine tool, transportation machine, electronic and instrument precision machining.