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Classification and property of liquid sealant

Liquid sealant is also known as liquid washer, liquid gasket, liquid sealed filler. It is a new type of polymer static seal material which is liquid.


According to the chemical composition of the liquid sealant, the shape after coating and application category,it can be divided into many types.

1. According to chemical composition, it can be divided into resin type, rubber type, oil modified type and natural polymer type.
This classification method can infer its temperature resistance, sealing ability and adaptability to various media based on the properties of polymer materials.
2. According to the application category,it can be divided into heat-resistance, cold-resistance, pressure-resistance, oil-resistance, water-resistance, solvent-resistance, chemical-resistance and insulation type.
3. According to its coating properties, it can be divided into 4 kinds: dry sticking type, dry strippable type, non-dry sticky type and semi-dry viscoelastic type.

This classification method is commonly used in domestic. It is very convenient for both manufacturer and user. China's liquid sealant has formed a general type, solvent-free silicone type and anaerobic type, interstitial type, infiltrated type and other sealed colloidal systems.


The liquid sealant itself is in the liquid state, so it has good fluidity and can fill gaps in the narrow seams of the metal joint surface, form a stable continuous film with stickiness, viscoelasticity, or peeling properties, thus sealing effect takes place between the joint surfaces of all the components of the equipment.

The liquid sealant has good sealing performance, good pressure resistance, heat resistance and oil resistance under certain fastening force.

It has good stability to medium (oil and water) and there is no corrosion to metal, at the same time, it is in liquid state, unlike the solid washer, which must have compressive deformation when it is sealed. Therefore, there is no leakage factors caused by internal stress, relaxation, creep and elastic fatigue.

Because of its fluidity and thixotropy, it can fill the gaps between the joints, eliminating the interface leakage that occurs with the use of solid washer.

Sealant is a kind of material with good adhesive elasticity. When subjected to vibration, lash and excessive compression, it will not cause cracking and falling off as a solid washer.

In addition, the sealant manufacturing process is simple, and it is inexpensive and convenient for storage, so it is an ideal static mechanical seal material.
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