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Daily Maintenance and Operation Skills of Car Sealing Strips

1. Check whether there is a big crack in the sealing strip and whether there is any fracture. If the seal is broken, it can be repaired with a binder. Especially using the special adhesive for the sealing strip, it is easy to patch up the big cracks. Of course, if the seal is seriously damaged or aged, it is best to replace the seal.

2. After the car owner uses sedan detergent to clean the door and window sealant, it is best to coat a layer of high permeability protector, which can not only prevent the aging of the car seals, but also greatly improve the sealing of the car seals. In addition, the gap between the sealing strips is easily filled with sand and dust, causing rust. For this reason, dust should be removed with the brush.

3. When replacing the whole body, a sealant should be coated on the lap part of the weld. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be about 1mm, and the adhesive layer must not have any defects such as sticky, bubble and so on. 3mm-4mm elastic coating and anticorrosive coating shall be applied on the lower surface of the whole floor and the lower surface of the front wheel cover. These measures can not only greatly enhance the sealing performance of the whole vehicle and slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also greatly improve the riding comfort.

4. The seal of the car door and the body is a difficult part, the sealing requirement is strict, the sealing part is long, the section shape of each seal is not the same, and the door opening and closing is frequent. Three, four seals are usually installed on the luxury cars, and four seals are installed on the front pillar and the four-fold seal on the roof side beam. This multi-channel seal is generally placed in the front door seams. Besides sealing function, it also has the function of noise insulation and noise reduction.

5. When the window glass is damaged, the owner should check whether there is any damage to the sealing strip when changing the glass. Since the window has been repaired, it often does not return to its original shape. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted, the sealing property around the window glass should also be paid attention to. If the gap of the glass notch is uneven, the rubber strip is not in good contact with the glass and glass grooves. The owner can easily pull the sealing strip off with the hand.

6. When changing the roof, the car owner should first apply a conductive sealant to the press around the roof of the car. After the welding is done, fold the adhesive on the water trough and the joint. This will not only help the sealing of the body, but also prevent the early corrosion of the body due to the water accumulated at the edge of the weld.

7. The automobile skylight is the basic configuration of most family cars. When the car skylight is opened, the rubber seal rail is exposed to the air. It is hard to avoid dust accumulation and even run into small gravel. Prolonged use may cause sunroof deformation due to abrasion and plugging drainage holes. Therefore, it is very important to clean the track regularly and apply lubricating oil to the track.

Although the automobile sealant strip is a small part in the car body, it can make the car avoid wind and rain, dustproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, and decorate the edges of doors and windows. When the body is subjected to vibration and distortion, the sealing strip also plays a role of cushioning, shock absorption and glass protection. Therefore, car maintenance is no small matter, any link cannot be ignored.

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