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Improvement Of Mechanical Seal Technology

Researchers found that most of the two-way rotary groove lines limit the load capacity of the gas film, resulting in the small end face clearance and high temperature. The pressure fluctuation or rotor disturbance of the system can easily cause the contact of the sealing face. After optimizing the combination of the best features of various grooves, the bi-direction fir tree groove gas face seal is developed. The bi-direction fir tree groove gas face seal not only can achieve two-way rotation, but also has better dynamic pressure effect. At the same time, the effect of operating parameters on the performance of bi-direction fir tree groove gas face seal is discussed. However, due to the complexity of the seal structure of the tree groove face, the systematic study of its sealing characteristics and its geometric structure characteristic parameters has not been reported in the world.

The non-contact mechanical seal with groove symmetry arrangement has good sealing performance and has both bidirectional rotation. It avoids the problem of sealing failure caused by reverse rotation and has a wide application prospect. According to different working conditions, concrete groove structure can be selected. The circular groove mechanical seal can be used in high pressure, high temperature and large size conditions, and it has a good discharge capacity. At low speed, the tree groove has good dynamic pressure opening effect, and the gas film pressure is evenly distributed. Mechanical seal with porous face can be used for grinding fine particles. It has good performance in capturing wear particles and self lubrication. T groove processing technology is simple, except for the operation instability in high temperature, it has better dynamic pressure performance under various operating conditions and good performance. The future development direction of the research on two-way rotary non-contact sealing is as follows: improve the theoretical model, strengthen the reflow effect, improve the opening stability and improve the steady-state operating temperature range of the T groove. The theoretical model can be improved by single variable parameter to multivariable parameter. The opening of the study of the stability not only affects the stability of two-way rotary groove, but also directly influences its service life. It can be analyzed and studied by the relationship between geometrical parameters, working parameters and opening speed, and then the optimal parameters of low opening speed can be obtained to improve operation stability.

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