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Matters Needing Attention In Mechanical Seals For Pump Installation And Usage

Mechanical seal for pumps is a class of seal widely used in the petrochemical industry. The sealing effect of mechanical seals will directly affect the normal operation of the whole machine and the production. In order to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of the mechanical seal for the pump and reducing the operating costs, it is necessary to start with the correct installation and use of the mechanical seal for the pump,as well as making detailed work for each link. We will discuss the installation and usage of pump mechanical seals in the following sections.

Preparation of mechanical seal before installation

A. Check whether the installed mechanical seal is suitable for the operating conditions. When the temperature of the medium is too high, too low, or the medium containing impurities and when it is flammable, explosive, toxic, appropriate measures such as sealing, washing, cooling should be carried out. Otherwise mechanical seal problems will easily happen.

B. Check whether the number of parts is complete and whether the installation size of the mechanical seal is the same as the assembly drawing or sample size.

C. Check weather the surfaces of the sealing face, seals, and gaskets are clean and intact, as well as the surface roughness of the parts contacted with the seal ring. The shaft or sleeve seal cavity, seal end cap , and mechanical seal must be cleaned before loading to prevent any impurities from entering the seal.

D. Inspect the shaft and cavity where the mechanical seal is installed for defects such as burrs, scratches, and whether the shaft and cavity dimensions are in conformity with the mechanical seal, particular, preventing impurities, mud, and particulates from entering the sealed installation site. For standard mechanical seals, the top wire should be aligned after cleaning the parts. For the mechanical seals without integrated springs components such as elastic components and movable rings should not have to be assembled. However, the elastic components with integrated springs should be assembled. The ring seal is a wedge-shaped ring, and the hooks should be installed first. Pull the push ring so that the wedge ring is free of force.
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