Application of Mechanical Seal in Food Industry

In the food industry, the use of high-quality mechanical seals on pumps is essential to maintain an effective qualitative standard for products at all times. And the most important thing is to ensure the maximum function of the processing program. Therefore, we strive to find an innovative mechanical seal solution to improve the quality of pre-installed pump. Mechanical seals in the food industry are actually designed in a planned way to avoid the formation of deposits that could lead to bacterial contamination of processed products. In fact, if liquid food processing deposits remain in the pump, over time, mold can form bacteria and contaminate the product. This possibility can be avoided by using food mechanical seals that have been designed to have these specific characteristics, for example, no sharp edges or corners can help to remove deposits. The production materials of mechanical seal in food industry are all food grade.


Application of mechanical seal in food and beverage market

• centrifugal pumps

• positive displacement pump

• cam pump

• twin screw pump

• screw pump

• chocolate pump

• blender--all directions

• top, side or bottom inlet agitators

• food cans prepared through shafts

• high shear mixer

• homogenizer

• scraper heat exchanger

• evaporator

• colloid mill

• cream whipping


Single spring seal for beverages and dairy products. Food and drink are essential for all, and the industry is facing more and more regulations to ensure food safety. In recent years, we have been cooperating with some large original equipment manufacturers in the food industry, and developed a wide range of mechanical seals for different equipment and applications according to the requirements of materials, design and performance.

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