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Advantages of Elastomer Bellows

The elastomer bellow is a kind of pipe material with annular structure outer wall and smooth inner wall. The section of the pipe wall is double layer structure. The inner wall is smooth and flat, and the outer wall is equidistant arranged with trapezoidal hollow structure. Nominal diameter (DN) : nominal diameter of pipe, which can be divided into inner diameter series and outer diameter series. Toroidal bending stiffness: a measure of the resistance of a pipe to circumferential deformation, KN/㎡.

The main characteristics of the elastomer bellows are strong resistance to external pressure: The annular corrugated structure of the outer wall greatly enhances the ring stiffness of the pipe, thus enhancing the resistance of the pipe to soil load.

Low project cost: Under the condition of equal load, only thinner tube wall is required. Therefore, compared with the solid wall tube of the same material specification, about half of the raw materials can be saved. This is another outstanding feature of the pipe.

Convenient construction: Because of the light weight of the elastomer bellows, handling and connection are very convenient, so the construction is fast, simple maintenance work. In the case of tight construction period and poor construction conditions, its advantages are more obvious.

Small friction coefficient and  large flow: elastomer bellows with rubber as the material can pass through a greater flow rate than other pipes of the same diameter.  In other words, in the same flow requirements, we can be use a relatively small diameter of the elastomer bellows.

Appropriate deflection: A certain length of elastomer bellows can be slightly flexed in the axial direction, not affected by the uneven settlement of the ground to a certain extent, and you can use pipe fitting directly in the slightly straight groove and so on.

It is mainly used in large scale water conveyance, water supply, drainage, sewage, exhaust, subway ventilation, mine ventilation, farmland irrigation and so on with working pressure under 0.6mpa. Advantages of other elastomer bellows: reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, good temperature resistance, small resistance, large flow, strong flame retardant, long service life, reliable health performance, low comprehensive cost, acid and alkali resistance, high strength, strong seismic performance, energy-saving, convenient installation and transportation.
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