Application and Selection of Mechanical Seal in Automobile Industry

Ⅰ. The importance of mechanical seals

Based on the appropriate product design, mechanical seal products are widely used in the automotive industry. This kind of mechanical seal is mainly used in the cooling water pump of automobile engine. On the basis, mechanical seals need to provide the highest level of sealing area, so that the cooling water pump of the car can operate correctly. More importantly, mechanical seals need to provide long-term seals to avoid failures that may affect engine efficiency.


Ⅱ. How to select the mechanical seals?

Most users will buy the seal according to the size and color of the sample, which will only increase the difficulty of purchasing and they may not select the right product. It is recommended to use the following procedures to improve the accuracy of purchased high quality mechanical seals:

1. Direction of motion: 

Determine the direction of motion of the seal location first, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiral or fixed.

2. Key points of sealing: 

For example, the pull rod seal that determines the movable point is in the inner diameter or the piston seal that determines the movable point is in the outer diameter, etc.

3. Temperature class: 

Check from the original machine instructions or evaluate the working temperature according to the actual working environment to determine the required materials.

4. Dimension size: 

Most users will choose according to the used old samples, but after using for a period of time, the seal will be greatly affected by temperature, pressure, wear and other factors, and the selection according to the sample can only be used as a reference. The better way is to measure the metal groove size of the seal location, and the accuracy will be higher.

5. Pressure rating:

Refer to relevant data from the original mechanical instructions, or infer the working pressure rating by observing the soft hardness and structure of the original seal.

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