Application of Mechanical Seal Parts in Petrochemical Industry

Ⅰ. Mechanical seal parts for pumps

The reliability of the pump depends to a large extent on the mechanical seals. In petroleum seal factories and chemical enterprises, most of the fluids handled are flammable and explosive. Once the parts of mechanical seal fails and leaks, it will not only pollute the environment, affect human health, but also It can also lead to major accidents such as fire and explosion. It mainly starts with the selection of sealing structure under different working conditions of mechanical seals for petroleum refining pumps, reduces the failure rate of seals in use, and improves the reliability of use.

1. Mechanical seal parts for high temperature hot oil pumps

High temperature hot oil pump mainly includes constant bottom pump, reduced bottom pump and catalytic oil slurry pump. The characteristics of this type of pump are that the pump mechanical seal temperature is high (370℃-400℃), the oil viscosity is high, and there are impurities at the bottom of the tower.

2. Mechanical seal parts for gasoline and diesel pumps

The mechanical seal of this type of pump adopts a static structure (the temperature is higher than 200 ℃ and the pump adopts a bellows structure). One is to avoid the heat generated by high-speed stirring; the other is to prevent the spring from transmitting torque.

3. Mechanical seal parts for low temperature light hydrocarbon pumps

Measures such as increasing the length of the tail of the non-compensating ring and adopting the auxiliary rear cover structure are taken to increase the anti-pumping capacity of the mechanical seal parts of the light hydrocarbon pump. Increase seal chamber pressure by flushing to prevent dry seal friction from evacuation. The self-flushing measures can not only ensure a high medium pressure in the sealing cavity, avoid the vaporization or gas accumulation of the medium in the sealing cavity, but also take away the friction heat generated by the friction pair in time, effectively control the temperature rise of the sealing end surface, increase the Liquid area, improve friction state.

Ⅱ. Valve mechanical seal parts

Valve mechanical seals are an indispensable part of petrochemical refining units. There are many types and quantities of valves used in them. Most of the media in chemical production are highly corrosive, toxic or flammable and explosive. When the valve leaks, not only It will cause serious waste of raw materials, energy and products, and also cause serious impact on the environment, and even cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary and necessary for us to pay attention to the leakage of valves in the process of petrochemical production.

Ⅲ. General mechanical seal parts

With the continuous progress of mechanical seal technology, rubber sealing products and gasket materials and structures have developed by leaps and bounds, and they are widely used in various sealing fields, including petrochemical fields, along with their subsidiary industries. Incentives, the development prospects of the entire industry chain are extremely impressive.

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