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Basic Components and Functions of Mechanical Seals

1. Dynamic and static rings

The sealing surface shall be tightly adhered to prevent medium leakage. It is required that the moving ring and the static ring have good wear resistance. The moving ring can move axially and automatically compensate for the wear on the sealing surface of the mechanical seal to make it fit well with the static ring. The static ring has buoyancy and plays a buffering role.

2. Elastic components (spring, corrugated plate, snake sleeve, etc.)

It mainly plays the role of compensation, pre - tightening and buffering, but also is the factor of mechanical seal sealing surface to produce a reasonable pressure. Elasticity is always required to overcome friction between the auxiliary seal and the drive, and the starter ring compensates. The material is required to be corrosion resistant.

3. Auxiliary seal (0-ring, v-ring, wedge ring and other special-shaped seal ring)

It mainly plays the sealing role of static ring and the moving ring, also plays the floating and the buffering role. The auxiliary sealing elements of the static ring are required to ensure the sealing between the static ring and the gland, so that the static ring has a certain degree of buoyancy. The auxiliary sealing element of the moving ring ensures the sealing between the moving ring and the shaft or shaft sleeve. The material shall be close to the medium in heat and cold resistance.

4. Driving medium

The mechanical seal transmission part includes the transmission pin, the transmission ring, the transmission seat, the transmission sleeve, the transmission key, the transmission lug or the tooth inserts type coupling. Its function is to transmit the shaft torque to the moving ring. Materials shall be resistant to corrosion and wear.

5. Fastener

Mechanical seal fastening parts include: set screw, spring seat, gland, assembly sleeve, shaft sleeve. It plays the positioning, fixation role of static ring and moving ring. Correct positioning is required to ensure that the friction pair sealing surface is in the correct position, and maintain a good fit of the spring specific pressure. At the same time , easy disassembly and assembly, easy positioning, repeat use is required. In the joint with the auxiliary seal, we shall pay attention to the chamfer angle and the pressure spring of the sealing ring. Pay special attention to corrosion and wear resistance in the movable ring seal ring and axle sleeve joint. If necessary, we can use hardfaced cladding.
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