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Classification and Characteristics of Bellows Seals

The compensation mechanism is a bellows, one of the sealing ring (moving ring or static ring) and the bellows into a whole, non-balanced mechanical seal room without auxiliary sealing ring, thus reducing a leakage point. At the same time, the mechanical seal reduces the friction resistance of the compensation mechanism and improves the following property. The temperature of the welded metal bellows seal is not limited by the auxiliary seal ring. For teflon bellows seals can be used in corrosive media. The disadvantage of the bellow seal is that some are less elastic, needing to add auxiliary spring.

Classification: bellow seal has a very wide application range, from imported mechanical seal low temperature to high temperature, from neutral medium to corrosive medium, from low to high speed, from ordinary to harsh working conditions.

All of these can change the elasticity of the bellows by changing the geometry of the bellows (such as the inside and outside diameter, the thickness of the plate, the number of waves, etc.) and the elastic modulus of the material.

According to the corrosion performance of the medium, choose different corrugated pipe materials.

For example, those neutral medium that have not high working pressure and temperature (oil and water, etc.), can choose the simple rubber bellows mechanical seal.

In corrosive medium (acid or alkali, etc.), we can choose the bellow seal made of teflon seal; In High temperature and high speed, we can use welding metal bellows mechanical seal, etc.

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