Definition and Classification of O Ring Mechanical Seal

1. Definition of o ring mechanical seal O-ring mechanical seal is a device composed of at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotating axis, under the action of the fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism, with the o-ring as the auxiliary seal, keeping fit, and relative sliding to prevent fluid leakage.

2. Composition of o ring mechanical seal 2.1 Main parts include moving ring and static ring; 2.2 Auxiliary seals mainly refers to the o - ring seal; 2.3 The elastic force compensation mechanism mainly includes a spring and a push ring; 2.4 Transmission parts, cartridge holders and keys or various screws.

3. Classification of o ring mechanical seal According to the spring element is rotating or static,it can be divided into rotary and static o ring mechanical seal. According to the direction of leakage of sealing medium, it can be divided into inner flow type and outer flow type. According to the unloading situation caused by the medium on the end face, it can be divided into two types: equilibrium type and non-equilibrium type. According to the location of the static ring, it can be divided into inner type and outer type. According to the temperature in the sealed cavity, it can be divided into high temperature seal, medium temperature seal, normal temperature seal and low temperature seal. According to the pressure in the sealing chamber, it can be divided into ultra-high pressure o ring mechanical seal, high pressure o ring mechanical seal, medium pressure o ring mechanical seal and low pressure o ring mechanical seal. According to the number of springs, can be divided into single-spring and multi-spring. According to the non-contact o ring mechanical seal structure, it can be divided into hydrostatic pressure, hydrodynamic pressure and dry gas seal. According to the elastic components, it can be divided into spring compression type and bellows type.
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