Development of Domestic Rotary Seals

China's rotary seal industry started in 1960s. Although some enterprises have formed a certain scale through many years of technological transformation, technology introduction, joint venture and joint production, because of the thin industrial foundation, and the thought of the heavy mainframe and light matching in the previous years, the quality of our seals has a big gap compared with the developed countries. Poor self-developing capability is reflected in the poor product quality and large number of imitation foreign products. Low level of technology is reflected in scientific research that most enterprises do not have any test equipment, let alone the seal mechanism research. Therefore, there is a technical disconnection between seal manufacturers and users. There are no standardized samples or manuals reflecting the structural relationship between seals and mating parts and appropriate technical requirements in details. While foreign enterprises provide the seal parts, they also provide the detailed installation and use conditions. As long as we do it as required, the reliability and service life of the seals can be guaranteed.

Some domestic rotary seals also provide the installation size and installation requirements, but sometimes there are still problems. The main reason is the lack of sealing mechanism research and sealing test. Low level of technology is also reflected in the materials, such as poor material quality assurance, no strong formula inspection and product inspection means. Therefore, the quality of the product is not stable. With the development of the sealing industry, the domestic scholars have paid more attention to the research of sealing technology. The research work is mainly concentrated on the following aspects: sealing performance, sealing mechanism and large deformation of rubber structure, and seal lubrication. Guan Ronggen and Gu Ling have discussed the sealing mechanism, failure and Countermeasures of the oil seal, which provided a practical basis for the correct design and use of the seal. In general, the domestic research on the rotary seal is mainly concentrated on the experimental stage, the research contents are scattered, and some of them only achieve some perceptual knowledge. The biggest shortage is the lack of comprehensive theoretical analysis, which makes it difficult to give specific and scientific guidance to the seal design and manufacture.

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